Tomorrow is the Day

It seems like yesterday that I was circulating nomination papers, but tomorrow is already election day.  As the final hours pass before you cast your ballots I hope you will take time to carefully consider your choices for this and every other position and question on the ballot.  In each case I hope you will choose the most qualified candidate, and the one with the passion, knowledge and experience to do the best job for the people that he or she represents.

I have really enjoyed talking to my De Pere friends and neighbors over the last few months about their thoughts on the city and beyond.  This is such a gem of a city, and it is the people that make it that way.  I had the opportunity last week to drive over 1800 miles and see a lot of other places in this country, and I have lived in and visited a lot of places over the years as well.  I can say with great confidence that there is no better place to live than right here in De Pere.

Of course, as great as this city is, it is not without challenges, and change is always inevitable.  I hope to help assure that we face those challenges head on and proactively, and that we manage change in the most positive way possible to continue to maintain and even improve the quality of life in our fair city.

Tomorrow, Tuesday April 4th, I hope you will join me as I head to the ballot box, to engage in that oldest and most cherished of American traditions, and vote.  As always, feel free to contact me if you have ANY questions or concerns.  I look forward to serving the people of the 4th district, and all of the city for the next 2 years.  I appreciate your support.

Thank You,



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