I’m Back!

Well after sitting on the sidelines for the last year, having been defeated in the April 2016 election, I’m back.  This opportunity arose as my friend and colleague, Mike Donovan, decided to not seek re-election after serving for 20 years on the council.  So first, I would like to thank Mike for his many years of service.  It was a pleasure to sit next to him in so many meetings over the years and to hear and discuss his ideas.  He was always thoughtful, and kind, and while we did not always agree, he was never disagreeable, and I will continue to seek his advice and will always consider him a friend.  Thanks Mike!

So you may be wondering why after losing an election I decided to try again.  The short answer is I still feel like I have something to give to this city.  There are still many issues that remain to be resolved over the next several years, and I hope I can be a part of guiding the city forward.  There are several major developments pending in the city, including the current council’s decision on how to spend down the Stadium Tax Refund, where to build a new aquatic center, how to work with county, state and federal agencies to finally get a new southern bridge, how to facilitate a proposed new cultural center, and many others.  I believe that my experience and insight can help to guide these projects, and after a year to reflect and collect my thoughts, I am ready to enter these discussions with renewed vigor and enthusiasm.

So, long story short, I came back to work to represent the interests of the citizens and taxpayers of De Pere as best I possibly can.  So I’m asking for your help.  Please trust me with your vote on April 4th, and as always, I appreciate your input on any and all issues that you and we together face as a city.  Feel free to contact me any time if there are things you would like to discuss.  Thanks for your support!

Your Humble Servant,


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