I understand that in Madison, I will represent YOU the people of the 2nd district.  Not a political party, and not the special interests that are out there to buy influence.

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The constitution was written to protect our citizens from the extremes of government over-reach.  The 2 major parties seem to have forgotten this principle.

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A strong moral compass with consideration for the effects of government on EVERYONE is key to effective leadership, and putting everyone's rights in balance with each other.

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Why I'm running.

The 2 party system is broken.

Too often in recent history we have faced a choice between a bad candidate with a D behind his/her name or a bad candidate with an R behind his/her name.

If you flip a coin, it will either be heads or tails, but it still won't be worth a plug nickel.

We need more choices.

I hope to make an impact on not only this election, but every election to come.  We need to look to our future with an independent eye that is not influenced by 2 parties trying desperately to hold on to power.

Change starts HERE AND NOW.


Next Steps...

I am seeking your support, with your time, treasure, and most importantly, your vote.  Together we can change the direction of our communities and the State of Wisconsin, and" secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity...".